CollegeOne Lite Package
for Academic Institutions

Powerful Gradebook, LMS, Online Exams, Unified Virtual Classroom, Teachers Plans a suite of most popular features for online learning in affordable plan.


High Security

High Security

Our system is equipped with the most robust security standards in history. The data is encrypted and the accesses are tokenized.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Our mobile app for iOS/Android can be personalized for your educational institution offering you a competitive advantage over other educational institutions.



We are very committed to our clients, for this reason we guarantee maintenance and improvements for life.

Free Web Page

CollegeOne Suite come with a free complimentary web page templates for your online presence. Our CMS allow you to add/edit content from our suite solutions. You can point your domain to it.

Introducing CollegeOne Lite Package

Learn about our most popular features.

Parents can made self student’s registration online, upload required documents, pay admission fees online or pay late if enabled by admins. This is a self registration process for parents/students.

This section displays the student list, grades, groups, homeroom teacher, student record, Admins can edit/delete or deactivated students, provide access to the Unified Student Information Center section that show Invoices, Recurring Invoices, Attendances, Grades, LMS, Notes, Reports, Documents, Cases in just one place.

Teachers can quickly and accurately record the attendance without putting much effort and at the same time can generate reports in a single click. When teacher record a absent student its parent will receive a Absent Notification by eMail. Using CollegeOne SmartTab and Student CollegedBand, to automatically marked the student attendance.

Teachers can record grades easily using a wide range of mark types like Percentage, Pass/Fail, Points and many more. With our EasyGrade tool teacher can record multiple grades for all students with just one click. Reduce calculation time with automated tool.

Powerful tool to assign classes and create student programs without limits.

Admins can review admission submissions, documents, conduct interviews, change status, reassign the case, approve or denied the admission and more.

Share upcoming events, activities, holidays, Mark online examination, student's birthday and more in our powerful calendar.

Using the PlanBoard tool, you can build lesson plans for your classes, share your lesson plans with students and parents, and use your lesson plans for your other classes in the current year or for the same class next year.

Admins can easily create/edit/delete the classes, also assign students to specific class. Assign teachers, periods, schedule, credits and more.

Automated error-free timetable for students and teachers.

Create tests/quizzes course/class to assess your students' grasp of the material or evaluate their preparedness for class. Each test/quiz is automatically graded (unless you've included a subjective question, such as a short answer/essay), providing you with instant and powerful feedback that can help guide your upcoming lesson plans.

Teachers can distribute homework and assignments to students one click away. Students and Parents can access the LMS from Web and Mobile App. Promote time-saving and zero paper wastage.

Promote students groups or specific students to the next level.

Bridge the communication gap among parents, teachers, students, and other staff members with SMS, eMail, Push Notifications in CollegeOne.

Our Messaging System is a fast, secure, and instant communication system which strengthens the relationship among parents, teachers, students and staff members.

CollegeOne Virtual Classroom is a powerful tool to conduct live classes. It allows the teacher to share audio, slides, chat, LIVE video and desktop with their students. Our innovative Virtual Whiteboard allows teachers to project notes you make on it to students in real time. It also allows zooming, highlight, draw, and write on presentations, making your points clearer for remotely connected students. *Free for a limited time

CollegeOne Lite Global Free Version

Full featured software for your school

$ 0 Month

Free version includes ads.

Add Virtual Classroom Addon for Just $5 dollars per month

Live Whiteboard

Our innovative Virtual Whiteboard allows you to project your annotations to students in real time. Our Virtual Whiteboard allows you to zoom, highlight, draw and write in presentations, making your points clearer for remotely connected students

Tailor-Made for Teachers

CollegeOne Virtual Classroom allows you to share your audio, slides, chat, LIVE video and desktop with students. Built-in surveys make it easy for students to participate and recording your lectures means you can make them available for later review.

Live Meeting

State-of-the-art technology that allows the teacher to interact with their students LIVE and in full color. This means that the Students will be able to visualize their Teacher and the Virtual Whiteboard and attend a Live class remotely. There is no limit to the number of webcams you can share in one session

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Please provide us your contact information and one of our representatives will contact you.

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