Founded in 2016,

CollegeOne, LLC. is a innovative company dedicated to the research, design, and development of mobile applications and sophisticated software solutions that offers the latest technology for the educational industry.

Our team has extensive experience, of more than 10 years in design and development of technological solutions, we have specialized in the development of unified software solutions for the automation of educational institutions.

Our Mission

Our goal is to enhance the educational experience through innovative technology. As a software company, we are passionate about educational technology, but above all, to make a difference in the life and education of students, the motivation and influence of teachers, and the operations and management of administrators. 

Our Vision

We believe that information from technology is the catalyst that will transform education as it has in other sectors of society. We have demonstrated that by adapting and applying technology to educational institutions, educators can be more productive in their daily tasks and provides them with more time and resources that can be redirected towards planning and instruction.