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CollegeOne is the most comprehensive, robust and innovative unified solution in the education industry. For us, innovation has no limits




Powerful tool for academic management.



Extraordinary regular & recurring billing module.

Online Payments

Online Payments

Credit/Debit Cards and Bank Accounts online payments.

Live Learning

Live Learning

Powerful & innovative tool for online & live learning.

The importance of technology in school

CollegeOne’s primary benefit in an educational institution is that it simplifies, stabilizes and streamlines the structure of a school. In addition, our system and all its functionalities will give you a competitive advantage over other educational institutions, improve communication between parents, students, teachers and at the same time allow your institution to project a more avant-garde and competitive image. It also allows you to be prepared for any eventuality to continue operating your academic institution remotely. 

Core Modules

CollegeOne has a module for each of the key processes needed in the management of your Educational Institution.

The principal of the institution has access to most of Collegeone’s functionalities. Our tool allows you to have complete control of the work done by the staff in your care, supervise the record of information for the entry into the system of parents and students, the entry of grades, and the work by teachers, in addition to the supervision of the work of the accounting area of the institution.

Principal Module

The teacher’s portal allows you to take attendance during assigned classes, create assignments or special work, record grades, record behavior, provide study material for students, give online exams and teach classes virtually, in addition to being able to carry out your daily plan digitally to be supervised by the administration.

Teacher Module

This profile allows the administration to enter all the information that underpins the use of the tool, the registration of students and parents in CollegeOne, the creation of classes that make up the school calendar, support of school management, allows the supervision of the work done by teachers, in addition allows to support the accounting work, with the recording invoices and income from parents payments if required.

Administrative Assistant

It is a highly diversified profile that allows you to control all the accounting issues of the institution, charge tuition, monthly payments, and other payments that parents may have to make. It allows you to keep records of suppliers and generate the respective payments without requiring any additional tools. Through reports, you can have control of all the expenses and income that the institution has, bank reconciliation, and even allows a detailed record for the payroll payment of the staff working for the institution.

Accounting Module

The teacher assistant portal allows you to take attendance, create assignments or special work, record behavior, provide study material for students, and teach classes virtually when the teacher is absent for any reason.

Teacher Assistant Module

The Powerful Human Resources module provide a solution to keep record of each employee’s profile, digitized documents related to the employee, track attendance record (entry and exit) either registered manually or through our virtual clock in, prepare and process the payroll with deductions and even process payroll payments to bank accounts and generation of Employee Payment Stubs.

Human Resources Module

Powerful Native Mobile App

CollegeOne’s mobile app for Android and iOS can be customized for your school by giving you a competitive advantage over other educational institutions.

 The presence of educational institutions on mobile devices is a serious matter that must be addressed by administrators as it positions the brand, strengthens the image of the institution, and gives parents and students the possibility to consult the school’s notices, grades, exam schedule, communication with teachers, make online payments, purchase books, uniforms, and much more from anywhere, any time.

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Why Us?

CollegeOne Suite is the most comprehensive, innovative, and advanced unified software with highly sophisticated cloud-based for effective automation of academic and administrative processes of educational institutions.

In addition, it has powerful, fully integrated modules for academic data management, accounting, finance, billing, human resources, and issuing payroll payments. It is the most sophisticated and complete solution in the educational industry that inspires student’s success and increases overall efficiency. 

In addition, our customer service, warranty, updates and improvements at no additional cost are elements that characterize us and sets us apart from the competition.